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About Us

Ova is a women’s news website that reports on women’s health, sex, and socio-political and economic issues related to women in Malaysia and around the world.

Our Mission

Ova seeks to promote women’s rights and gender equality. We report on important issues and policies related to women in Malaysia and around the world. This includes women’s health, sex, and socio-political and economic issues.

The personal is political. Women’s personal experiences are often connected to sexism, systemic oppression, and patriarchy.

These societal issues need to be analysed and untangled to identify problems in the wider social context to enable better policies for women.

Telling Women’s Stories

We want to highlight women’s struggles in accessing health care in Malaysia, including sexual and reproductive health, menopause, or dealing with breast or cervical cancer.

We also want to talk about women’s rights in sex, marriage, and divorce; the impact of rape, sexual harassment, and sexual assault; and gender discrimination in the workplace.

Then there are the stories we want to tell of women’s successes as leading experts in their field, including in science and medicine.

Ova aims to embolden women to speak up about issues that affect them and to advocate for their rights in health, the workplace, and all areas of life, whether as young women, working professionals, or mothers.

Who We Serve

Ova serves the people, first and foremost. We do not align ourselves with the government of the day, any political party, or powerful business interests. Our reporting is based on what matters to our readers and what affects their lives and their ability to access their rights as women.


Ova indicates clearly if an article is an opinion or sponsored or advertising content. We also disclose relationships with any outside partners on any reports. Ova will fix any errors in our articles by appending a correction note at the bottom explaining what was corrected.

Honest Reporting

Honesty is key. We strive to report accurately and fairly. Ova is committed to publishing all sides to a story. Diversity of opinion and perspective is crucial for robust debates and arguments, especially on an important topic like women’s issues. Our reportage features views in an unbiased manner, but we will state the facts if newsmakers make false or misleading claims.


Ova is a sister publication of CodeBlue, a health news site that reports exclusively on health issues. Both Ova and CodeBlue are editorially independent programmes of the Galen Centre for Health & Social Policy, a public policy research and advocacy organisation based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.