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ALTY Hospital’s Scoliosis Awareness Campaign Returns To Advocate Early Screening

The campaign is running for the second year in a row and continues to focus on awareness-raising initiatives through screenings at pharmacies and schools.

Dr Savitha Dharan, chief executive officer of ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital. Picture courtesy of ALTY.

KUALA LUMPUR, May 8 – ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital (ALTY), one of Malaysia’s first single-specialty orthopaedic hospitals, returns for the second year with its Scoliosis Awareness Campaign, in an effort to raise awareness on scoliosis among Malaysians through pharmacies and schools. 

The campaign, which focuses on raising awareness on the importance of early screening to detect scoliosis, is running for the second year in a row and continues to focus on awareness-raising initiatives within the community through screenings at pharmacies and schools. 

ALTY will be joining hands with Viatris, a global health care company and TAGS, ALTY’s chiropractic and rehabilitation partner, to offer complimentary postural and scoliosis screenings across selected Caring and BIG Pharmacy outlets within the Klang Valley, from April to June 2023.  

ALTY’s collaboration with Viatris to raise awareness on bone health will mark a reunion, as both health care providers initially launched the inaugural campaign in 2022. The first weekend screening was kicked off at the end of April. 

“We have seen scoliosis severely impact the lives of individuals as young as 14 years. Early screenings matter and increased awareness can provide a second chance at leading a normal life as there are more options today to treat and manage scoliosis,” said Dr Savitha Dharan, chief executive officer of ALTY Orthopaedic Hospital and TAGS. 

“Health is a fundamental human right. Together with Viatris and TAGS, we are increasing our reach this year to raise awareness within our communities on the importance and value of screenings as well as early detection of scoliosis. Together with partners in the ecosystem, we hope to continue these efforts not just within the Klang Valley, but also beyond,” she added.

“Early screenings for scoliosis, especially when done in schools can help parents to detect early signs among their children and opt for treatment options other than surgery. This will help to provide opportunities for parents and children nationwide to tackle the bone health condition together and early on,” said Dr Lim Sze Wei, consultant orthopaedic, spine, and trauma surgeon. 

“We believe that by partnering with various health care providers, we can work together to increase access to treatment, improve patient health, and support communities. This is aligned with Viatris’s mission to empower people worldwide to live healthier at every stage of life. Through our partnership with ALTY, Caring and BIG Pharmacy, we will work to address the awareness levels of bone health among Malaysians”, said Jeff Bote, country manager of Viatris Malaysia.

For more information on ALTY’s public posture screening tour and other activities in conjunction with the ALTY-Mate Bone Care Month, visit its Facebook page or click here. 

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