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Breaking The Silence: Ten Essential Facts About Infertility — Dr Sumithra Devi Valiapan

Knowledge of the causes of infertility can alleviate anxiety and provide a more realistic understanding of the condition.

Dr Sumithra Devi Valiapan, fertility specialist at Sunfert International Fertility Centre. Picture courtesy of Sunfert.

Let us remember that infertility is not merely a medical condition, but a deeply personal experience for individuals and couples.

By increasing awareness, challenging stigmas, and fostering empathy, we can collectively break the silence and pave the way for greater compassion and support.

Together, let’s stand in solidarity with those on the infertility journey and advocate for a world that embraces the diversity of paths to parenthood.

Definition Of Infertility

When a couple has been trying to conceive naturally after one year (or six months if you are a woman over 35), it can be considered that they could be facing infertility issues.

It would be advisable for the couple to conduct some basic checks with a fertility expert.

With the right knowledge, support, and hope, we can find alternative paths to creating your precious family.

Infertility Myths Debunked

There are many prevalent myths surrounding fertility and infertility. Knowledge of the truth can alleviate anxiety and provide a more realistic understanding of the condition.

One common key myth is that infertility mainly impacts women and older women. But hold up, ladies and gentlemen! Infertility can impact anyone, regardless of gender or age.

Men play an equally important role in the fertility equation. Let’s embrace a team approach and tackle this challenge together.

A Journey Through Female Infertility

Women can relate to their ovulatory adventures and hormonal havoc! Conditions such as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and hormonal imbalances can disrupt the baby-making process.

Fear not, understanding these hormonal escapades is the first step toward seeking effective treatment options.

The World Of Male Infertility

Men, let’s unlock the secrets of your mighty ‘swimmers’. Sperm count plays a crucial role and so do genetics and your everyday habits.

Diet, exercise, stress, and even smoking can impact sperm health. Small steps can lead to giant leaps in fertility.  

The Time Machine Of Fertility

While time plays a role in our pursuit of creating a family, let’s not forget that this journey is a mix of science, timing, and togetherness.

Ladies, be mindful of the risks that come with age, such as pregnancy complications and egg quality. Gentlemen, keep an eye on your sperm count and quality.

But generally, men have a longer window of fertility. Seek appropriate medical guidance if you are experiencing difficulties conceiving.

The Fascinating World Of Diagnostic/Genetic Lab Tests

From imaging techniques (ultrasounds and any structural abnormalities), semen analysis (quality of sperm and potential issues) to genetic testing (chromosomal abnormalities), doctors use these extraordinary tools to provide personalised and accurate diagnoses for guiding couples towards their dreams of parenthood. 

The Magic Of Baby Making

The realm of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), where eggs and sperm unite in a remarkable laboratory tango! IVF, a common and widely embraced procedure, has brought joy to over eight million babies born worldwide.

This is the extraordinary moment when these tiny champions are delicately placed into the awaiting uterus, ready to blossom into new life.

Embracing Miracles Through Cryopreservation

Prepare to be amazed by the art of freezing time, where eggs, sperm, or embryos are lovingly preserved for future use.

Couples or individuals may take this route if they plan to marry later or are faced with health issues and want to preserve their eggs, sperm, or embryo. 

Secondary Infertility

Secondary infertility, a lesser-known yet common issue can cause frustration among couples facing difficulties conceiving after successfully having their first baby.

It is essential to seek medical guidance as there are advanced fertility solutions tailored to individual needs. 

Guidance On The Fertility Quest

Unwavering support plays a pivotal role in transforming your dreams into reality in your fertility journey.

So take a deep breath and trust the role of doctors, fertility specialists, and support networks. Let them guide you in comprehensive evaluations to personalised treatment plans. Get to know their expertise so they can guide you on the path to conception. 

Dr Sumithra Devi Valiapan is a fertility specialist at Sunfert International Fertility Centre.

  • This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication and does not necessarily represent the views of Ova.

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