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WAO Launches New Logo, Will Double Efforts In Creating A Safe Nation For Women And Children

The new logo complements WAO’s initiatives over the past 40 years in combating violence against women in all forms.

KUALA LUMPUR, August 23 – The Women’s Aid Organisation (WAO) is committed to continuing to advocate for and double its efforts to make Malaysia a better country for women and children, in line with the government’s Madani societal development goals.

WAO voiced this during the launch of its new logo in conjunction with its 40th anniversary celebration and Malaysia Women’s Day on August 25, 2023.

The selection of colours and the new logo were chosen to add value and complements WAO’s initiatives over the past 40 years in combating violence against women in all forms.

The colour orange symbolises the eradication of all forms of discrimination against
women, while purple represents the feminist movement. The small line in the middle signifies a bridge or connection between survivors and WAO.

According to WAO’s executive director, Sumitra Visvanathan, the new logo, developed by the creative agency We Are Social, is in line with WAO’s stance to become a driving force in instilling belief, upholding gender equality, and rejecting violence against women as a Malaysian cultural norm.

She said that WAO will always seek to renew its approach by identifying the best practices in providing services to survivors of domestic violence, working closely with law enforcement and the local community, and supporting the implementation of stronger laws.

She further stated that this vision can only be achieved if Malaysia has comprehensive access to support services, justice, and protection.

These elements are crucial in ensuring sustainable freedom from violence and gender-based discrimination, supported by a robust legal framework.

Furthermore, gender equality in the workplace and creating an enabling environment to support women’s participation in politics, economics, and society are also essential to achieving these goals.

Since 1982, WAO has provided free shelter, counseling, and crisis support to women and children who experience abuse. It helps women and their children rebuild their lives after surviving domestic violence, rape, trafficking, and other atrocities.

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